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The Altruism Equation:
Seven Scientists Search for the Origins of Goodness
Lee Alan Dugatkin

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"This is a tale not only about the majesty of science, but also about the hubris of scientism. One of the greatest projects of modernity is to explain to the public where science does and does not matter, and altruism is a valuable example."--Oren Harman, The New Republic

"The Altruism Equation is a pleasure to read. Dugatkin's explanation of the relevant science is clear and comprehensible. He also blends the scientific views of these seven scientists with their personal and professional lives in a way that enhances our understanding of both."--David L. Hull, Isis

"This book could he an especially interesting read for recent generations, who may see themselves as standing on the shoulders of their intellectual predecessors. . . . The material is carefully researched and written, and problematic issues are few."--Daniel J. Kruger, Quarterly Review of Biology

"The Altruism Equation is very good popular scientific history. It provides the non-scientist with a digestible overview of a lengthy and sometimes complex development, and offers ample leads to pursue. Most importantly, it brings science to life by showing the personalities of scientists involved as well as the background beliefs which motivated their pursuits. For those interested in jumping into this area of inquiry, there is probably no better book with which to start."--Marc Baer. PhD, Metapsychology Online Reviews


"The Altruism Equation is an important book in many different ways. It is important because it tackles a significant problem--namely, the levels at which natural selection operates. It is important because it tells a history never before revealed. And it is most important because the author's analysis lets us all move forward on these issues, with new insights and tools of discovery. I recommend it very highly."--Michael Ruse, Florida State University, author of The Evolution-Creation Struggle

"This wonderfully written book tells the history of a conceptual revolution in evolutionary biology that fundamentally changed the way scientists think about behavior. Although I do have a slightly different perspective here and there, I enthusiastically recommend this book to everyone who wants to understand the evolutionary roots of altruism and family. This fascinating book is a page-turner for scientists and lay persons alike."--Bert Hölldobler, author (with Edward O. Wilson) of the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Ants

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File created: 4/21/2017

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