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Sensuous Seas:
Tales of a Marine Biologist
Eugene H. Kaplan

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"This book spells out in evocative yet scientifically accurate ways, the mysteries, the drama, the variations, yes even the day-to-day lives of organisms in the sea. . . . [It presents] a new world of possibilities about how to hook your students into studying the fascinating stories that organisms in the sea have to offer as well as some of the questions for which there are as yet no answers."--American Biology Teacher

"All combined, Kaplan's writing appeals to the story lover, the scientist and anyone who just wants to know how crabs get it on."--Seattle Magazine

"Sensuous Seas contains a wealth of stimulating and digestible information. This book is also beautifully produced and will be an attractive asset to any marine library."--Tim Ecott, Aquatic Mammals

"Kaplan offers readers an irresistibly irreverent voyage through the world of sea creatures. . . . This one-of-a-kind memoir allows the reader to experience the incredible complexity of sea life."--Sarah Jane Abbott,Off the Shelf


"Kaplan actually does the things that many others will ultimately have left on their 'to do' lists. He chases octopuses with his students, dives to the edge of the abyss in a research submarine, and eats things most travelers would never consider. He is part Indiana Jones, part Richard Feynman, and part Woody Allen."--Paul Billeter, College of Southern Maryland

"Highly entertaining. This book really is a celebration of biodiversity."--John Kricher, Wheaton College

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File created: 4/21/2017

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