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On the Wings of Time:
Rome, the Incas, Spain, and Peru
Sabine MacCormack

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"This masterful and passionate book offers an interesting picture of the Latin American society of the sixteenth century. It challenges the paradigm of the Spanish ruling in Latin America as completely negative and dark-sided. The book reconstructs the classical roots of a period that is perhaps not very familiar to a classical audience and, conversely, shows how deeply indebted to Greco-Roman culture were the new realities of a modern empire, and how this ancient civilization and its canonical authors were read and perceived. Many fine illustrations (some by the author herself) provide a helpful corollary to the written text."--Chiara O. Tommasi Moreschini, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

"[T]his book sheds a welcome light on a large number of other, maybe equally important issues connected with the impact of Roman traditions on the emergence of a distinct Peruvian polity, and it displays an impressive wealth of philological and historical erudition."--Benjamin Straumann, International Journal of the Classical Tradition

"It is impossible in such a short space to do justice to the sheer range of these exceptionally learned chapters. MacCormack's splendid scholarship makes the Roman past come to life in the world of the Incas, showing convincingly how it was claimed on behalf 'of Inca past and Spanish present.'"--Fernando Cervantes, European History Quarterly

"This remarkable intellectual history will fascinate scholars of classical literature, students of colonial Spanish America, and historians of empire alike. Let us now hope that scholars use MacCormack's intellectual history as a model and inspiration for similar inquiries into the early colonial periods of Mexico, British America, or New France."--Michael David Snodgrass, European Legacy

"I highly recommend this book. This is an important contribution for the field of Atlantic history not only for illuminating new perspectives on empire but also for showing that intellectual history in the early modern period must not be constrained by European geographic parameters."--Marcy Norton, H-Net Reviews


"On the Wings of Time is a delight to read. MacCormack's meditations are those of a master scholar and storyteller; this is a very significant and novel contribution to our understanding of South American history."--Sabine Hyland, Saint Norbert College

"This book is pathbreaking in its approach to the historiography of the Spanish colonial world. MacCormack has exquisite control of the relevant sources, and weaves them together in a masterful and original way."--Bruce Mannheim, University of Michigan

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File created: 4/21/2017

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