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Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town
Rogers Brubaker, Margit Feischmidt, Jon Fox & Liana Grancea

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"Brubaker et al. have written a splendid and highly recommendable book, adding substantial new insights to innumerable other works on ethnicity. Their method of combining observations with theory and discussing the significance of ethnicity in a wide range of situations in everyday life proves illuminating, not only to and understanding of ethnicity in Cluj, but also in providing insight and a framework for approaching numerous other cases as well."--Jorgen Kuhl, Political Studies Review

"The authors of this pathbreaking book will have done the historiography of the region a tremendous service if historians, as they should, take up the challenge it poses them."--Mark Pittaway, Journal of Modern History

"Rogers Brubaker and his collaborators have succeeded in writing a readable, informative, and provocative book. . . . Valuable in a number of ways: first in its direct, readable, and clear style, which is remarkable given so many co-authors; second in its artful way of using technical terms and concepts from socio-linguistics to make sense of complex interpersonal interactions; and third in its organization, which makes the book useful for both introductory and advanced courses in history, sociology, and anthropology."--Thomas C. Wolfe, Austrian History Yearbook

"National Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town has the potential to prompt a fundamental shift in how we both conceptualize and study ethnicity. In the light of its contributions, researchers interested in ethnicity would do well to examine the interstices of social life as well as its formal institutions, and to ask questions that privilege local meanings, rather than reifying narratives that are themselves me tools of ethnic mobilization."--Jessica Allina-Pisano, Perspectives on Politics

"Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity was an excellent read. . . . I have added this book to my students' reading list, and heartily recommend it to anyone who has an interest in any of the themes Brubaker and his colleagues set out to address."--Teresa Staniewicz, American Journal of Sociology


"A remarkable work of scholarship and of fieldwork, Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town should be read by every social scientist interested in nationalism, or ethnicity, or community life, or Eastern Europe. It does a terrific job of showing how large-scale social changes and projects of identity play out in a local context. Along the way it raises important questions for both social theory and public affairs. It should shape discussion for years to come."--Craig Calhoun, Social Science Research Council

"For over a decade, Rogers Brubaker has been calling into question the entire edifice underpinning the study of ethnicity by challenging the idea that ethnicity is about real groups founded on 'Ethnic identities.' This superb book on Hungarians and Romanians in a Transylvanian town amply demonstrates the fruitfulness of his conception. Not only will this be the definitive statement on contemporary ethno-national relations in this very complex region in Europe: it will become a classic for the analysis of such relations in many other parts of the world."--Katherine Verdery, Graduate Center, City University of New York

"Here in this uncommonly sensitive study, Rogers Brubaker employs perspectives and analytical idioms rarely coupled in the study of ethnicity and nationhood as applied to a distinct geographical area. We are taken to Cluj, a city in western Romania scarcely known to the West but one whose profile fairly shimmers on the page with tensions accruing from a combined and culturally rich Hungarian-Romanian past. The author probes the symbolic and ritualistic aspects of daily life in the surrounding area, leading to groundbreaking views on ethnicity."--István Deák, Columbia University

"This wonderful book will be welcomed by students and scholars of ethnicity, because there are so few, if any, other studies that look closely at how decisions about one's ethnicity and nationality are actually made. The first half provides an excellent review of Cluj's and Transylvania's history, and the detailed examination of life in Cluj that makes up the second half represents a unique contribution to our understanding of how ethnicity really functions in a contested space."--Daniel Chirot, University of Washington, author of Modern Tyrants

"A fine book that will be widely read and influential. Not only does it serve as an empirical companion piece to the more theoretical essays in Rogers Brubaker's Ethnicity without Groups, it also breaks new methodological ground while presenting a clear and subtle analysis of complex, little researched, but important social patterns associated with that trademark of modern times, the 'nation' or ethnic group."--Jeremy King, Mount Holyoke College, author of Budweisers into Czechs and Germans

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File created: 4/21/2017

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