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On Physics and Philosophy
Bernard d'Espagnat

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"Bernard d'Espagnat is an accomplished theoretical physicist and philosopher, whose two disciplines are interrelated in the present book. He conclusively argues that features of quantum mechanics--particularly the Uncertainty Principle, the nonlocality exhibited by entangled systems, and the measurement problem--revolutionize epistemology and metaphysics. His novel and lucid philosophy, called 'veiled realism,' criticizes Kant's doctrine of synthetic a priori knowledge but shares the thesis that scientific knowledge provides empirical regularities while pointing to an underlying 'noumenal' reality whose structure is not revealed."--Abner Shimony, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Physics, Boston University

"With exceptional scientific, historical, and philosophical insights, d'Espagnat examines the implications of recent developments in quantum physics for philosophy and the implications of philosophical reflections for the understanding of fundamental physics. D'Espagnat's book not only challenges ingrained ways of thinking; it is indeed a visionary and critical reorientation for both physics and philosophy."--Tian Yu Cao, Boston University

"D'Espagnat has performed an intellectual feat by distilling the essential conceptual puzzles of quantum mechanics into a few core principles without relying on any mathematical formalism, and in a very readable style at that. At the same time, this book is not some trendy everyman's guide to the exotic features of quantum physics, with some philosophical commentary--but a work of mature scholarship."--Jeffrey Bub, University of Maryland, author of Interpreting the Quantum World

"Here, d'Espagnat discusses virtually all the central philosophical issues related to quantum mechanics and its interpretation. The book is nontechnical, presupposing no previous knowledge of science or philosophy. It is a pleasure to read."--Andrew Z. Wayne, University of Guelph, coeditor of Ontological Aspects of Quantum Field Theory

"This book takes the theme of d'Espagnat's influential Veiled Reality and develops it into a 'world view,' as he calls it. This extensive treatment is rich in detailed arguments, deft rebuttal of rival viewpoints, and historical perspectives."--Arthur G. Zajonc, Amherst College, coauthor of The Quantum Challenge

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File created: 4/21/2017

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