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Why the Sky Is Blue:
Discovering the Color of Life
Gotz Hoeppe
Translated by John Stewart

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"This wonderful, discursive book begins with a child's common question and proceeds to provide and interdisciplinary answer with historical perspective and insight...[Hoeppe] enhances the very perception of both the immediate and farthest reaches of the universe."--N. Sadanand, Choice

"Why the Sky Is Blue is popular science at its best. In fact, it is considerably more than that: in ten chapters, an epilogue, several appendices, notes, and a bibliography of further reading, the book provides a broad overview since classical antiquity of how scholars have grappled with explanations for the intriguing blue color of the sky above us all. As it turns out, the simple question, why the sky is blue, requires a veritable tour de force through western cultural history and the history of science for a complete and satisfactory answer."--Hans J. Rindisbacher, European Legacy

"The subject of this book is interesting enough in its own right, but equally importantly, it is an informative case study of the ways that human thinking has progressed in our attempts to understand the world in which we live."--David Kay, Cosmos Magazine

"Why the Sky Is Blue answers an ancient and surprisingly complex question in an entertaining and accessible way."--Lunar & Planetary Information Bulletin

"Overall, I found the book to be very well written and translated, well illustrated, and an easy and quite enjoyable read. The author makes use of a number of stories to enhance the subject matter that will make this a very useful textbook for those teaching high school or lower-division undergraduate level courses on the subjects of optics, atmospheric science, and history of science. Noting that there are few books that are currently available on the subject that deal with this historical perspective, I would wholeheartedly recommend this book."--Jeffrey S. Gaffney, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society


"This delightful combination of science and history should be required reading for poets, pilots, artists, weather watchers, and anyone who ever marveled at the manifest colors of the sky or wondered why it is only sometimes 'blue.'"--James Rodger Fleming, Colby College

"An absorbing study of historical approaches to the everyday fact of the blue sky above us, Götz Hoeppe's Why the Sky is Blue is full of revelations. The story it tells of the sky's appearance as an issue of speculation and investigation will appeal both to the specialist and the general reader."--Eileen Reeves, author of Painting the Heavens: Art and Science in the Age of Galileo

Praise for the original German edition: "In this richly illustrated volume, the author describes and explains the color and appearance of the firmament, from earlier times to the current day. It is an exciting excursion from mythology, art, and philosophy up through modern science."--Die Welt

Praise for the original German edition: "This is a multilayered book that makes a seemingly commonplace observation the starting point of an exciting journey of discovery . . . The color of the sky proves to be the key to understanding many of our cultural achievements in science, art and everyday life."--NDR 1's Bücherwelt

Praise for the original German edition: "Hoeppe has succeeded in something completely special: the book combines the research of the natural sciences with philosophical and cultural reflections-all elegantly expressed."--Saarländischer Rundfunk

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File created: 4/21/2017

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