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The Telescope:
Its History, Technology, and Future
Geoff Andersen

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"This popular science book is of interest to anyone who wishes to learn more about astronomy and telescopes. It is well written, fascinating and delightful to read. The principles of telescope design are clearly explained with just enough detail to allow the interested reader to understand the basic concepts."--OPN Optics & Photonics News

"This book not only covers the history of the telescope but, more important, it describes the most recent breakthroughs in optical technology and engineering. It also describes the nature of light in detail, without having the disadvantages of a textbook on physics."--Charles Hughes, Twenty-first Century Science and Technology

"The book covers everything from the history and workings of the very earliest telescopes to the science behind modern techniques such as interferometry. If you have ever wondered why telescopes need to be sited on remote mountain tops, or why they have to be so big, Anderson--who is an expert in telescope design with the US Air Force Academy--will tell you. The level of technical detail should be satisfying enough for even the professional astronomer, but the book is also arranged so that non-experts can happily skip any sections that get too technical without losing track of the narrative."--Physics World

"Although not apparently aimed at the academic market, it would be a worthwhile read for undergraduate students wanting to gain an overview of modern techniques in optical astronomy."--Fred Watson, Observatory Magazine

"Written in a clear and accessible style, most of Andersen's story will be familiar to historians and amateur astronomers, but perhaps it will prove useful for a general reader who is looking for a gentle introduction to more detailed and comprehensive treatments."--W. Patrick McCray, Technology and Culture

"I really enjoyed the great detail put into the book and the sure knowledge of the author--a research physicist who works for the United States Air Force Academy. The book is aimed at those who already know some astronomy, but who yearn to know more about this fascinating field. I . . . recommend it strongly."--David Mannion, Popular Astronomy


"As we approach the International Year of Astronomy, the four-hundredth anniversary of Galileo's turning a telescope on the heavens, Geoff Andersen has produced an interesting book on the centuries' progress in optical observations. Chapters on telescopes used for surveillance and on a series of astronomical discoveries add interest beyond discussions of the telescopes themselves."--Jay M. Pasachoff, Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy, Williams College

"This book covers both the science of astronomy and the telescope technology that underlies astronomical discoveries. This balance enhances our appreciation of telescopes as engineering marvels, and it increases our understanding of what the operators of these instruments are trying to accomplish."--Richard Kron, University of Chicago

"The Telescope is an extensive and thorough look at the telescope in all its modern variants, and the only book like it that I know of. I enjoyed reading it, and I'm sure that many others will too."--Robert J. Vanderbei, Princeton University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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