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Finding the Words:
The Education of James O. Freedman
James O. Freedman
With a foreword by David Halberstam

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"This is a moving and fascinating account of a bright and ambitious young Jew trying self-consciously to break out of small-town New England to achieve greatness. The story is heroic, but it is not without pathos. This is really a book about books--how beautiful they are, and how the examined life cannot be lived without them, since they have been the mirror in which Freedman learned to see himself."--Stanley N. Katz, Princeton University

"From an early age, Freedman fell in love with words and with books, and his book is steeped with accounts of what he read and how it affected him. The book is written by a mind formed by scholarship and--in the most powerful way that I can recall--demonstrates how such a mind is formed. It is an important, indeed vital, contribution to our understanding of liberal education and of the educated mind."--Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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File created: 4/17/2014

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