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Roman Eyes:
Visuality and Subjectivity in Art and Text
Jas Elsner

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"The major virtue of this work, quite simply, is its author. Jaś Elsner is by now one of the most well-known figures in the field of ancient art history, respected for his notable erudition, extensive range of interests and expertise, his continuing productivity, and above all, for the originality of his mind. This volume stands both as a kind of convenient introduction to a number of issues that have engaged Elsner's attention over these last years--and continue to do so--and as a rich feast of sophisticated and often brilliant readings of individual texts and artifacts, always written with clarity and style."--Froma Zeitlin, Princeton University

"Jaś Elsner is the predominant contemporary scholar of the relationship between classical art and ancient subjectivity. His is a sensibility particularly attuned to the way in which viewing, desire, social constructions and generic discourses interplay and interact. It is simply impossible not to take his arguments into consideration if one works on Roman material culture and the place of art in literature."--Shadi Bartsch, University of Chicago

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File created: 11/1/2016

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