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Virgil's Gaze:
Nation and Poetry in the Aeneid
J. D. Reed

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"The aestheticizing of death--often related to images of male beauty--and the quest for a national identity are both important aspects of the Aeneid. Through J. D. Reed's original approach, we are now able to understand that together they form a coherent strategy of epic representation."--Alessandro Barchiesi, University of Siena and Stanford University

"A study on the presentation of national identity in the Aeneid is long overdue. The topic is extremely important and complex, and it has been neglected for much too long. We should therefore all be grateful to J. D. Reed for tackling it here. The book should appeal to a large audience and not only classicists."--Andreola Rossi, Amherst College

"This is one of the richest and most exciting studies of Virgil that I have read in some time. I learned something new about the Aeneid on every page, and my understanding of the poem has been considerably deepened by Reed's work. Virgil's Gaze will be rewarding and comprehensible to all committed readers of Virgil's poem in translation and in the original."--Andrew Feldherr, Princeton University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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