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Multiculturalism without Culture
Anne Phillips

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"Multiculturalism without Culture is a provocative book: Phillips intends that neither multiculturalists nor cosmopolitans should have an easy ride. Both sets of theorists, however, will find things to agree with as well as to contest, making the book an intriguing challenge to prevailing normative approaches todiversity. As a further strength, Multiculturalism without Culture describes and discusses a wealth of difficult multicultural issues, often in the form of specific legal. . . . It therefore provides a good source for anyone wanting to know more about the current state of multicultural politics and law."--Clare Chambers, British Journal of Sociology

"[T]he volume is well worth the effort of thoughtfully considering the discussions offered. Individuals wanting to explore multicultural issues beyond cultural sensitivity will relish the in-depth analyses provided. Psychologists wanting to explore perspectives from other fields (law, sociology, anthropology) on the topic will appreciate finding the scholarly discussion in one place."--Mary Dugan, PsycCRITIQUES

"This is a very good book written in Anne Phillips's inimitable conceptually precise, theoretically acute, fair-minded, and plain English style. Phillips operates as a political theorist who seeks to clarify the quagmire of issues that beset contemporary multiculturalism."--Anna Yeatman, H-Net Reviews

"This is an impressive and timely book. . . . Phillips' treatment of this complex and important topic exemplifies the very best of feminist critical thinking."--Suzanne Dovi, Cambridge Journals


"Much of the debate about the politics of diversity both within and between nations starts with an exaggerated view of the extent of cultural difference. In this sane and intelligent book, Anne Phillips offers a more realistic--and a more helpful--picture of the scale and significance of our disagreements."--Kwame Anthony Appiah, Princeton University

"Anne Phillips shows how to forge a much-needed politics that combines the goal of gender equality with that of multicultural equality. She does this by avoiding a conception of culture that is static and monolithic. Phillips assumes crucially that minority cultural values are contextually variable and that minority group members are free moral agents, not cultural puppets. Her approach will elevate the dialogue over gender and culture to a creative new plateau of insight and understanding."--Marilyn Friedman, Washington University

"Meticulously researched, pristinely crafted, intelligently and generously argued, Multiculturalism without Culture is the finest presentation yet of liberal democratic bafflement over culture and culturalism. One need not concur with Phillips's conclusions to reap illumination from this marvelous volume and to be buoyed by its renewal of a relentlessly antiracist and feminist democratic politics."--Wendy Brown, author of Regulating Aversion: Tolerance in the Age of Identity and Empire

"Multiculturalism without Culture is an important intervention into the debate on cultural difference and social policy. Anne Phillips does a great job of bringing together legal materials, philosophy, political theory, and legal theory to offer a new and nuanced normative theory for social justice in multicultural societies. Phillips believes culture is something more important than a lifestyle choice, but something less preordained than DNA. She zeroes in on a new problem and offers new solutions."--Richard T. Ford, author of Racial Culture

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File created: 4/21/2017

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