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What Democracy Is For:
On Freedom and Moral Government
Stein Ringen

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"[P]rovokes the reader without being provocative, thereby fostering further thoughts and reasoned disagreement."--John Samples, Cato Journal

"[O]ne need not agree with Ringen on the relationship between poverty and freedom, or even on the obligation of the state to eradicate the former in order to guarantee the latter, in order to find his ideas for policy reform quite worthwhile."--Adam Fleisher, International Affairs

"Even if many of the ideas in this book are controversial and provocative, that is precisely why it is worth reading. I think this book can be of great interest for everyone interested in social justice, democratic theory and the institutional implication of democracy and social justice."--Harald Borgebund, Political Studies Review

"What Democracy Is For offers a bold defense of democratic ideals, grounded in real reforms."--World Book Industry


"This book, of Tocquevillian inspiration, is particularly welcome in a time of growing skepticism on the virtues of democracy and possibly of withering democracy. It shows that genuine progress is possible, that reforms by good governments can improve the life chances of more people and consequently their ability to be the masters of their own life, in a word: to be free. What Democracy Is For crowns twenty years of reflection, research, and publication on democracy. It will easily reach the status of a classic in the great liberal tradition."--Raymond Boudon, Institut de France

"Ringen's book is a serious and engaging intellectual work--the product of a lively mind grappling with profound issues of modern democracy. It's also a timely work. Ringen examines the classic arguments about what freedom and liberty really mean and the conditions that give rise to freedom. What Democracy Is For raises important questions that are of fundamental interest to anyone concerned about revitalizing the case to be made for democracy."--Neil Gilbert, University of California, Berkeley

"This book is written by one of the leading scholars in the field, but in plain-man's language that everybody can understand. Each chapter is at the level of the state of the art and provides a host of illuminating insights. This is not just another mainstream book but a unique piece on the merits and problems of democracy which will have an impact on how the next generation thinks."--Jens Alber, Social Science Research Center Berlin

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File created: 4/21/2017

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