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When Ways of Life Collide:
Multiculturalism and Its Discontents in the Netherlands
Paul M. Sniderman & Louk Hagendoorn

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"Sniderman and Hagendoorn have provided a nuanced portrait of some of the major tensions of our time--the conflicts between diversity and loyalty, identity versus tolerance. This research goes far beyond the Netherlands in its implications, demonstrating how, in an attempt to honor differences, we may exacerbate them."--Diana Mutz, University of Pennsylvania

"This is the best empirical examination of multiculturalism I have ever read. This book demonstrates that attitudes toward immigrants and immigration are complex, grounded in values that are different between majority and minority communities, and connected to the desire of the Dutch to protect their identity as liberal, tolerant, and committed to multiculturalism. No empirical analysis of multiculturalism of this scale has ever been conducted, in Europe or elsewhere. This is a highly original attack on a problem of the utmost importance."--James L. Gibson, coauthor of Overcoming Intolerance in South Africa

"This is a book about the policies of multiculturalism, using the Dutch case as an example of the problems they can give rise to, especially with the Muslim minority. The main argument is that policies that were designed to protect the distinct way of life of the Muslims and promote tolerance are paradoxically breeding intolerance on both sides. This is an excellent and provocative book, on a very topical issue, that goes against the dominant frames of interpretation of multiculturalism and prejudice in social sciences."--Nonna Mayer, coeditor of Extreme Right Activists in Europe

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File created: 4/21/2017

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