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After Anarchy:
Legitimacy and Power in the United Nations Security Council
Ian Hurd

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"This is an important book on an extremely important topic. In clear and engaging prose, Hurd examines legitimacy's role in shaping politics in a premier political forum--the United Nations Security Council. He shows us how legitimacy works on the ground in UN politics and the ways it has changed both the UN and world affairs. Hurd has a good nose for theoretical puzzles and is both creative and fearless about following through the implications of what he uncovers."--Martha Finnemore, author of The Purpose of Intervention

"Ian Hurd's book is informative and insightful, scholarly in its treatment of the subject, and significant in its conclusions. It is the best study that I know of how norms of legitimacy work in international institutions."--Michael Doyle, Columbia University

"Hurd's book is remarkable: concise, crisp, substantively compelling, serene in tone, generous in argument and . . . jargon-free. . . . Strongly recommended both for teaching and for the expansion of personal horizons on these important issues."--David M. Malone, author of The International Struggle over Iraq

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File created: 4/17/2014

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