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Charter Schools:
Hope or Hype?
Jack Buckley & Mark Schneider

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"Charter Schools: Hope or Hype? is the most complete study to date of whether charter schools are likely to improve education for inner-city children. Buckley and Schneider look at all sides of the issue in a balanced, exhaustive approach. The arguments are convincing, particularly because they are made on the basis of extensive empirical data in the District of Columbia, where almost one of five students attend charters."--Martin Carnoy, Stanford University

"This volume is more comprehensive than any on the many facets of charter-school claims and the testing of their validity. The authors provide a balance in interpretation that is rarely found on the subject of charter schools, not taking an extreme position based upon ideology, but letting the findings speak for themselves. This book makes a significant contribution to the field."--Henry M. Levin, editor of Privatizing Education

"This book promises to fill an empirical gap as the charter-school movement begins its third decade. The authors deliver an evenhanded, sophisticated investigation on how parents and students made schooling decisions. The study's statistical analyses will make a solid contribution to the educational-policy research."--Kenneth Wong, Brown University

"Buckley and Schneider have produced some of the most provocative research on charter schools. This book links the issue to a broad array of theoretical debates that have resonance beyond the community of scholars fervidly interested in the ins and outs of charter schools. The original datasets that the authors have compiled are totally unique. It took tremendous effort to pull this off."--Jeffrey R. Henig, author of Rethinking School Choice

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File created: 4/17/2014

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