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How China Grows:
Investment, Finance, and Reform
James Riedel, Jing Jin & Jian Gao

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"The book does not break new ground, but its conceptual approach, its empirical analysis and its detailed up-to-date account of the ongoing reform programs and their policy background in China make it highly recommended for those working on or studying the Chinese economy. The book is especially useful for those interested in financial sector reform in China. As claimed by the authors, policy-makers in China will also find this book useful."--Ligang Song, Economic Record

"It is an excellent overview of the development of the financial system to date. . . . What is new and surprising is how succinctly and effectively the authors have brought together the technical literature with laymen's language to make this argument. It is one of the best treatises I have seen on financial reform."--Doug Guthrie, China Quarterly

"This book will be well received by researchers and policy makers. The focus of the book--how the Chinese economy has grown so far, and whether or not this growth will be sustainable--is an attractive topic given the great importance of the Chinese economy in the world, but also because the authors of the book provide an unconventional method of analysis."--Asian Affairs

"Although it includes some technical economic analysis, How China Grows is accessible to noneconomists and will benefit anyone who is interested in development finance in general and in China's economic growth in particular whether economists, political scientists, bankers, or business people."--World Book Industry


"Challenging conventional theory, this excellent book argues that investment drives China's economic growth and technological development."--Franklin Allen, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

"How China Grows is a concise and systematic evaluation of the role of investment in China's economic growth since 1978. The authors argue that investment has been the main driver of China's growth but that future growth will require a more effective financial, particularly banking, system. This is the first book to systematically examine the investment--growth nexus in China, and those interested in understanding the dynamics of China's growth over the past three decades will certainly want to read it."--Nicholas R. Lardy, Institute for International Economics

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File created: 4/21/2017

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