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A Biologist's Guide to Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Evolution
Sarah P. Otto & Troy Day

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"I cannot help but think that future textbook authors will want to have Otto and Day front and center on the work desk, for this is a valuable source of material. . . . This book stands out, and its contribution is quite apparent. In sum, this book is a valuable contribution to the literature, and one to which I expect to refer regularly in connection with my teaching and writing duties."--Steven G. Krantz, UMAP Journal

"[A] great textbook. . . . [M]asterful use of figures and illustrations and exercises . . . provide the reader with valuable practice in constructing models and implementing related mathematical techniques. I certainly recommend this text and can attest to its usefulness for budding researchers in the biological sciences."--Jason M. Graham, MAA Reviews


"A wonderfully pedagogical introduction to mathematical modeling in population biology: an ideal first course for biologists."--Simon A. Levin, Princeton University

"This book is an amazing teaching resource for developing a comprehensive understanding of the methods and importance of biological modeling. But more than that, this book should be read by every student of evolutionary biology and ecology so that they can come to a deeper appreciation of the fundamental ideas and models that underlie these fields."--Patrick C. Phillips, University of Oregon

"There is an increasing use of mathematics throughout the biological sciences, yet the training of most biologists still woefully lacks crucial mathematical tools. Sally Otto and Troy Day are themselves two masters at the deft use of theoretical models to crystallize conceptual insights about ecological and evolutionary problems, and in this wonderful book they make accessible to a broad audience the essential mathematical tool kit biologists need, both to read the literature and to craft and analyze models themselves."--Robert D. Holt, University of Florida

"I am often asked by biologists to recommend a book on mathematical modeling, but I must tell them that there is no single good book that will guide them through the difficult first stages of learning to make models. Otto and Day's book fills the gap. The quality is high throughout, the scholarship is sound, the book is comprehensive. The authors are both first-rate scientists. I think this will be a classic."--Steven A. Frank, author of Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Disease

"This book provides a general introduction to mathematical modeling--in particular, to population modeling--in the biological sciences. This past year I taught a 400-level course in mathematical modeling of biological systems, and I had to do so without a textbook because no adequate text existed. Otto and Day's book would have met my needs beautifully. This book is an important addition to the field."--Carl Bergstrom, University of Washington

"This book has the ambitious and worthy goal of teaching biologists enough about modeling and about mathematical methods to be both intelligent consumers of models and competent creators of their own models. Its concentration on the process of building rather than analyzing models is its strongest point."--Frederick R. Adler, author of Modeling the Dynamics of Life: Calculus and Probability for Life Scientists

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File created: 4/21/2017

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