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Cass R. Sunstein

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"By its nature, Sunstein argues, the Web fragments us into ever-smaller niches. In this way, for all of its incredible, information-sharing connectivity, the Web can be isolating, especially when groups begin to 'echo chamber' and talk only to themselves...To my mind, Sunstein has always been lucid and valuable on this topic. But despite the Web's culture-changing successes--wiring up the economy, influencing presidential campaigns--many Web advocates and bloggers still act as though they're threatened. When they're not acting triumphalist, that is. Even the lightest guidelines, in short, will be resented, particularly when our confusion of free markets with free speech has proved so profitable."--Jerome Weeks, San Francisco Chronicle

"This book, now in a substantially revised edition, remains the most effective public work depicting this debate and urging on us this proper vision of a reasonable freedom."--Charles Mathewes, Virginia Quarterly Review

"Lucid and thought-provoking, 2.0 raises important concerns. . . . Carefully argued, well balanced, and accessible to a general audience."--Elisabeth Herschbach, Metapsychology Online Reviews


" enraged many because it asked a set of uncomfortable questions that few had a way of answering. In this beautifully revised edition, Sunstein continues to press these difficult questions, not as an attack on new technologies but as a challenge to make them make democracy work. This is a compelling if sober set of questions from America's foremost legal scholar."--Lawrence Lessig, Stanford University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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