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The Europeanization of the World:
On the Origins of Human Rights and Democracy
John M. Headley

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"A wonderful book! The author dives deep into his extensive work on the Renaissance in order to explore the roots of human rights and democracy in the European heritage, and then extends his insights into the contemporary period. The scholarship and theoretical sophistication make this book a must-read for all thoughtful people, especially those concerned with political theory and globalization."--Bruce Mazlish, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"This is an important book. The argument that there is something unique about European civilization from a global perspective is highly relevant to contemporary political and cultural debate. The scholarship placing the sources of this uniqueness in the history of the European Renaissance as it encountered and conceptualized other worlds is of the first order."--Joan-Pau Rubiés, London School of Economics and Political Science

"This is a short book that addresses a very large topic. It is an exceedingly fair-minded, judicious, and learned attempt to deal with an important and controversial topic, and it treats the matter in a challenging and thought-provoking fashion. My judgment is that Professor Headley has succeeded admirably."--Paul A. Rahe, University of Tulsa

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File created: 4/21/2017

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