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Free Trade Reimagined:
The World Division of Labor and the Method of Economics
Roberto Mangabeira Unger

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"Unger has written an incisive and compelling critique of free trade. The core of the argument-which seems to me historically incontrovertible--is that a nation's comparative advantage is always constructed by collaboration between public authorities and private interests. The essay hammers this point home with the relentless brilliance for which the author is known. A clear and worthy challenge both to those who are sure the doctrine of free trade is right and those who are confident that is fundamentally flawed."--Charles Sabel, Columbia Law School

"This book aims to provide a critical assessment of the present theoretical and practical consensus in favor of the orthodox conception of free trade and to outline the elements of a realizable alternative. Unger reveals a remarkable breadth of understanding of the field, boring into it with his inimitable and potent vision. This is a book of enormous intellectual and worldly interest."--Sanjay Reddy, Columbia University

"As one would expect from Unger, the book is brilliantly written and his central theses are persuasively and passionately argued. It is readily accessible and will command a wide audience and generate significant and constructive public debate and controversy."--Michael Trebilcock, University of Toronto

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File created: 4/21/2017

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