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Citizen of the World: A Biography
Alfonso Scirocco
Translated by Allan Cameron

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"Since his death in 1882, Giuseppe Garibaldi has been portrayed as a heroic military leader, a man who shaped his own image, and, of course, [w]as the guiding spirit behind the unification of Italy. Scirocco has added to the work of previous scholars with this biography, in which he shows that Garibaldi remained true throughout his life to the ideals of Saint-Simon. Faithfulness to a utopian philosophy did not, however, mean political consistency. . . Scirocco is scholarly and lucid in explaining [Garibaldi's] inconsistencies, and he is equally impressive in showing how Garibaldi navigated his way between his allies (who were at the same time his rivals), especially Camillo Benso (conte di Cavour) and Giuseppe Mazzini. A magisterial work of history."--S. Bailey, Knox College, for CHOICE

"Scirocco's book . . . is notable for its emphasis on parts of [Garibaldi's] biography that are not generally accented and because it provides the facts of an uncommon life in one convenient source more than do existing, older biographies in English."--Spencer M. Di Scala, Journal of Military History

"Anyone unfamiliar with Garibaldi will find Scirocco's book a useful place to start."--Mark I. Choate, Historian


"The most difficult achievement for anyone writing on Garibaldi is to compose a biography that does not sound like a novel or a legend but at the same time captures one of the most extraordinary figures of the nineteenth century. Alfonso Scirocco has succeeded in this task. He combines historical depth with a writing style that is both elegant and captivating."--Maurizio Viroli, author of Niccolò's Smile: A Biography of Machiavelli

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File created: 4/21/2017

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