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Scott's Shadow:
The Novel in Romantic Edinburgh
Ian Duncan

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"Duncan's Scott's Shadow, an ambitious and learned book . . . offers the first comprehensive account of the flowering of Scottish fiction between 1802 and 1832. . . . The wide sweep of Duncan's argument, the textual rigor, and the rich historical detail make the effort of reading this book worthwhile."--Ann C. Colley, Studies in English Literature

"Scott's Shadow is a valuable addition to the body of critical work on the history of the novel. It should lead to critics and scholars rethinking their assumptions about Scott and his contemporaries for many years to come."--Evan Gottlieb, Studies in Romanticism

"This undoubtedly is the most significant book to appear on the subject of the Romantic-era novel in Scotland since Ina Ferris's The Achievement of Literary Authority (1991). . . . As a whole, this is a demanding, hugely satisfying, and even enthralling book. Unlike some comparable 'theoretical' studies, it is commendable for its attention to detail, close knowledge at key points, presentational qualities, and freedom from inaccuracies."--Peter Garside, Studies In Hogg And His World

"This book requires concentrated reading of its dense though frequently brilliant prose. It adds to the freshness of critical approach that has been building over the past decade with regard to the Scottish novel of the early nineteenth century. Its combination of close reading, new historical and psychoanalytic approaches brings into focus a Romantic print and publishing culture emanating from Scotland that has never before been subjected to such forensic dissection."--Gerard Carruthers, Eighteeenth-Century Studies

"[T]his is an astonishing and marvelous book. It restructures the literary history of the early nineteenth century. It has a major theme which is brilliantly argued, and which leads to a far more general appreciation of the workings of influence. It is full of insights. . . . It has lots of illuminating byways. . . . It is generous in the width of its appreciation and sympathetic understanding of its literary subjects. This is a great work of scholarship."--David Hewitt, Scottish Literary Review


"Scott's Shadow is a splendid achievement. Rich, dense, and provocative, it rereads the novel's status as exemplary genre of national life in the nineteenth century. The most complete account to date of the dynamic matrix of Scottish literary production and reception in the years of Edinburgh's ascendancy as a publishing center, this book will rapidly become standard reading in the history of the British novel and in studies of Romanticism."--Ina Ferris, University of Ottawa

"Ian Duncan's book is an accomplishment of the very first order, a powerful reconceptualizing of both the history of the British novel and of Romanticism. The sweep of Duncan's argument is grounded in one of the most highly focused, richly historical, and textually rigorous critical arguments I've ever read."--Jon Klancher, Carnegie Mellon University

"Scott's Shadow is the product of years of immersion in the literary, political, and reviewing culture of Edinburgh. No one is better qualified to write this book than Ian Duncan, and he accomplishes it with a panache that matches his erudition. This is a compelling book, consistently--even grippingly--readable, and endlessly suggestive. It makes a major, decisive contribution to its subject."--Susan Manning, University of Edinburgh

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File created: 4/21/2017

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