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Electric Salome:
Loie Fuller's Performance of Modernism
Rhonda K. Garelick

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"Electric Salome is suitable for a wide range of readership. . . . Garelick writes theory with the minimum of jargon; the book is academic and sophisticated, but accessible throughout. It contains almost fifty illustrations, including posters, photographs and patent drawings."--Stephen Herbert, Early Popular Visual Culture

"One of the best aspects of Rhonda K. Garelick's book is that it enables a virtual re-enactment of Fuller's performance of modernity: in the end, the initial butterfly/illusion shimmers and stays for good in the reader's mind."--Virginie Pouzet-Duzer, Oscholars

"Both Ann Cooper Albright's and Rhonda Garelick's books are important contributions to a female artist, whose place on the agenda of French modernism is now less refutable than ever. Both authors have done much to shed further light on the sometimes counter intuitive complexity of this modernism. While both Traces of Light and Electric Salome deserve to be considered in their own right, they open an even more fascinating kaleidoscopic panorama when read in tandem."--Lucia Ruprecht, H-France

"This well-illustrated and probing book is an important contribution to the scholarship on Loie Fuller and, with its contemporary resonances, should prove of interest to practitioners and academics in the fields of live-art and site-specific performance as well as dance."--Libby Worth, Modern Drama

"Fuller's work demands that its scholars cover a lot of ground, and I was delighted to learn so much from Garelick's study about a widely ignored pioneer of avant-garde and modernist theatre performance and dance."--Mike Sell, Theatre Research International

"[T]he book's greatest appeal may lie in its evocation of Fuller's technical inventiveness, her altogether startling genius for making the space of theater new."--Douglas Mao, Common Knowledge


"In Electric Salome, Rhonda Garelick persuasively makes the case that Loie Fuller was central to the transition to modernism in politics, theater, modern dance, and neoclassical ballet. In elegant, often witty, always evocative prose, Garelick shows that Fuller's relative obscurity is the consequence not of her lack of originality, but of a role so strange and so individual that it has resisted the fluid narratives of social and artistic history. This brilliant book will correct those impoverished records."--Andrew Solomon, winner of the National Book Award and author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression

"Garelick's extraordinarily astute analysis of Loie Fuller, surely one of the richest performers of her age, draws on insights from postcolonial theory, psychoanalysis, feminism, the history of science, queer studies, as well as the history of modern drama and dance, to unveil a Fuller we have never seen before. Electric Salome is a great read and a wonderfully layered contribution to dance and performance studies."--Peggy Phelan, Stanford University

"Electric Salome represents an important and provocative revision in modernist performance historiography. Garelick demonstrates convincingly Loie Fuller's standing as a liminal figure, refashioning classical ballet within a modernist frame, and as an undervalued influence, technically and aesthetically, on early modern dance and theater. Equally significant is Garelick's compelling analysis of Fuller's engagement with the latest trends in psychology, science, imperialist politics, and the business of art. Visually rich as well as broadly informed, Electric Salome provides new vistas for modernist studies."--J. Ellen Gainor, Cornell University

"Garelick's splendidly detailed rendition of the odd triumphs and legacy of Loie Fuller and her technologized body is as electric as were La Loie's performances: here are lots of hands clapping for this performance also."--Mary Ann Caws, author of The Eye in the Text and The Surrealist Look

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File created: 4/21/2017

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