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Greece--a Jewish History
K. E. Fleming

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"This volume, which displays solid scholarly standards, is also highly interesting as it follows the multiple destinies of these Jewish groups and demonstrates how complex Jewish history is--how diverse and how difficult to categorize. Fleming has succeeded in escaping preconceived attitudes and in treating the object of her investigation with detachment but also with the empathy required for all genuinely good research projects."--Esther Benbassa, Journal of Modern History

"[A]n absorbing story, well told and referenced, and a worthy winner of [the] Runciman Award."--Michael Llewellyn Smith, Hellenic Review


"Greece--a Jewish History is a superb book, one in whose company I would include very few that I've read over the past five, maybe even ten, years. The story Fleming tells is an incredible--and moving--reading experience. The best comprehensive account in English of the 'Greek' Jewish experience, it is written in an easy and fluid style that allows for the drama of the story to come through gradually until, in the Auschwitz years, it becomes almost overwhelming. It is a masterful piece of research and historical craftsmanship. The story of Greek Jewry has found its historian. This wonderful book also announces Fleming as, among other things, a Jewish historian of the first order."--David Myers, UCLA Center for Jewish Studies

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File created: 4/17/2014

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