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Inherited Wealth
Jens Beckert
Translated by Thomas Dunlap

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"Jens Beckert has produced a fascinating and admirable work. . . . Beckert offers a number of interesting ideas. He goes over the important debates and the writers on inheritance law and thus contributes to intellectual history. . . . He has a methodology for exploring debates, content analysis, that is worthy of attention because it can be obviously used in a vast number of American studies of ideology--indeed, a formulation that I think is particularly apropos to the Civil War era. . . . The interpretations are sound, the use of theory wise, the methodology instructive, and the information provocative. For individuals in legal history, political history, and transatlantic studies, this book comes with the highest recommendation."--James Huston, Journal of Social History


"This excellent book is the first major comparative exploration of inheritance law as it pertains to the social sciences that I know of. Marked throughout by the author's erudition on the subject, its analysis is framed in sociological terms, but the main chapters can be read without any knowledge of sociology. Indeed, they contain much that will prove extremely useful for historians, political scientists, economists, and others, and which is hard to find elsewhere."--Richard Swedberg, Cornell University

"Inherited Wealth is a fine piece of scholarship, worth reading from beginning to end. We learn much in this book. First and foremost, we learn the guiding principles of inheritance law in three very influential countries. In a highly readable manner, Jens Beckert presents a very complex topic that has, until now, been accessible only to legal scholars."--Juan Díez Medrano, Universidad de Barcelona and Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI)

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File created: 4/21/2017

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