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Embattled Garrisons:
Comparative Base Politics and American Globalism
Kent E. Calder

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"At a time when American global military commitments have expanded enormously, Kent Calder offers a cogent and insightful analysis of the ways that overseas basing shape the relationships between the United States and its friends and allies. This book provides a critical context for understanding how America meets its new commitments and challenges."--Francis Fukuyama, Johns Hopkins University

"This is a solid book that does a nice job with a number of aspects of bases--historical, economic, military, strategic. Calder has worked on enough of these various aspects to have a good feel for them, and it shows. His work is balanced, sophisticated, and policy-relevant. He provides just the right level of detail--enough to make his argument cogently and robustly."--Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution

"A first-class piece of work. Calder is very convincing in demonstrating that base politics play a significant role in the relations between the United States and the nations that host American bases. His case studies are full of interesting and often unfamiliar aspects of U.S. foreign relations, in many instances regarding the stresses that often arise from the presence of an American base in a foreign country."--Michael Klare, Hampshire College

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File created: 4/21/2017

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