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Regulation and Public Interests:
The Possibility of Good Regulatory Government
Steven P. Croley

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"This valuable book thoroughly documents the public choice critique against government regulation working well. The net result is that the reader has the impression of having done battle with this standard argument about why regulation can't work well, and then seen compelling evidence that it can. The presentation is solid and engaging."--Paul Teske, University of Colorado at Denver

"This book marks the first extended effort to develop a full-fledged alternative theory of why the existing regulatory state--to which we, as a nation, are clearly and probably irrevocably committed--might indeed be capable of furthering the public interest."--Cynthia Farina, Cornell University Law School

"Steven Croley . . . has written an ambitious and valuable book. It offers a strong defense of the American regulatory state and the role of administrative procedure in encouraging good regulatory governance. The book should be illuminating and useful for political scientists and legal scholars interested in regulatory policy, the politics of regulation, public administration, and administrative law. Regulation And Public Interests would be an excellent book for graduate courses in any of those fields."--Robert A. Kagan, Department of Political Science and School of Law, University of California, Berkeley

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File created: 4/17/2014

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