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Dynamics of Cancer:
Incidence, Inheritance, and Evolution
Steven A. Frank

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"As Frank observes, 'Cancer is the failure of controls over cellular birth and death.' Although a vast amount of work has gone into describing the molecular and cellular processes involved, an understanding of the overall dynamics of these processes is less advanced. This book combines empirical information with insights into the nonlinear dynamics of multistage progression, in ways that both illuminate and have practical implications. Anyone with serious interests in cancer research should read it."--Robert M. May, University of Oxford

"This is an excellent book on a very difficult but important subject. It does a superb job of introducing the various models for observed cancer frequencies and explaining their assumptions, conclusions, and weaknesses."--Darryl Shibata, University of Southern California

"This is a book of relentless scholarship, precise organization, and fundamental, interdisciplinary insights into the biology of cancer. It provides the first truly comprehensive theory for the epidemiological/genetic incidence curves that characterize cancer, the first solid integration of evolutionary genetics with cancer biology, and a rigorous, well-reasoned approach to progress in understanding the genetic and environmental bases of cancer."--Bernard Crespi, Simon Fraser University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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