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The Private Life of Spiders
Paul Hillyard

Book Description


"This beautifully illustrated book is written by a former curator at London's Natural History Museum. Hillyard is the author of several previous books on spiders, and he has traveled widely to photograph and collect material. The volume is well organized, and the style of writing is clear and concise."--M. J. O'Donnell, Choice

"A glimpse behind the silk curtain at everyone's favorite creepy-crawlies. The book includes a guide to overcoming arachnophobia, although the photos might offer the safest vantage for a close-up of a tarantula."--USA Today

"[The] stunning photographs are so vivid you can almost feel the spiders crawling on you."--Library Journal

"[T]his is a fascinating and very well presented volume. A reader cannot help learning about and appreciating the interesting adaptations and behaviors of spiders. Even those who would rather just avoid spiders altogether will come away from this book with a new admiration."--Cate Hibbitt, American Biology Teacher

"The bulk of the book deals with descriptions of the various kinds of spiders. Some spin webs and wait, some lurk in burrows or in camouflage, some prowl the sand. But there's more that makes this an interesting read. Hillyard discusses the irrationality of arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, how spiders are beneficial to all kinds of human endeavors--engineering, rice farming and beer brewing are mentioned--and why it's important to know more about spiders."--Tom Palmer, Lakeland Ledger

"This colorful volume creeps and crawls with stunning (and sometimes creepy) close-up photos of some of the world's 100 different spider families and 40,000 individual species."--Angelyn N. Hutchinson, Deseret Morning News

"[Hillyard's] new book features more than 100 stunning photographs in full color capturing the beauty and diversity of spiders. In addition, he covers spider anatomy, behavior, reproduction, social organization, hunting techniques and even web construction. . . . Engaging and fascinating."--Tucson Citizen

"Arachnofans, rejoice. Your species of choice is finally getting its due. This gorgeous book tells all about scruffy little spiders that spin messy, seemingly inefficient webs, proud orb spiders that sit smack in the middle of spectacular constructions, scary, hairy tarantulas and more. As someone who previously found spiders ho-hum, Paul Hillyard's book is an eye-opener. The photographs reveal the diversity of shapes, sizes and lifestyles of the world's 40,000 spider species. Hillyard is a former curator at London's Natural History Museum. Despite the impressive creatures on offer, my favourites are the tiny hunting spiders, many of which quietly live indoors waiting for mosquitoes or flies."--Leigh Dayton, The Australian


"Paul Hillyard's Private Life of Spiders is enjoyable to read, very informative, and beautifully illustrated. The photographs are truly stunning and make a wonderful complement to the text's excellent information on spider life and biology for the general reader. This book will be a terrific addition to any naturalist's or spider lover's library."--Paula E. Cushing, president of the American Arachnological Society

"This is an excellent, engagingly written introduction to the diverse and often incredible world of spiders."--Jonathan Coddington, curator of spiders at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History

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File created: 4/21/2017

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