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A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire
M. Şükrü Hanioğlu

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"A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire deserves only unqualified praise. It is well written and comprehensive in its coverage--with diplomatic, economic and intellectual history interacting."--Peter Clark, Asian Affairs

"In all, this is a fine effort well worth reading for its valuable background to WWI, to the politics of modern Turkey and the other Ottoman successor states. Its maps are particularly useful."--Len Shurtleff, Listening Post

"[T]o readers familiar with the Ottoman Empire through the Balkans, A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire is especially commendable as a fresh introduction to a bygone view from Istanbul."--Seth C. Elder, Balkanalysis

"Hanioglu's seminal work presents a true spring of ideas not only for the late Ottoman history but also for the search of some earlier East Roman and Byzantine interplays of structures and identities."--Wolfgang G. Schwanitz, Sehepunkte

"A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire is a recommendable book to the specialist and novice alike. It would also appeal to public readership as a fine sample of international history."--Nur Bilge Criss, Turkish Studies

"The strength of A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire is its view of the late Ottoman Empire both from the imperial inside as well as from a reflective and inspiring historical distance. This concise book is very appropriate for general history classes."--Hans-Lukas Kieser, H-Net Reviews

"Without a doubt or reservation, this brief history is must reading for scholars and students of Ottoman history, and the author is to be commended for his excellent approach to the study of this period, for this reviewer cannot think of any other scholar better equipped intellectually to analyze and place it in the proper perspective for a meaningful understanding of this critical phase of an empire on the verge of disintegration."--Caesar E. Farah, Historian

"Historians and general readers embarking on an introduction to the Ottoman Empire could do far worse than to start with M. Sükrü Hanioğlu's A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire. Concise, well-written, and narrative, it nonetheless successfully revises decades of misconceptions about the Ottoman Empire, creating a new model for our understanding of this long-lived system. The author presents several key arguments worth presenting. He encourages his readers to move beyond previous interpretations of Ottoman history, including the perception of the empire as a decrepit and dynastic straitjacket for nationalisms."--Wayne H. Bowen, Canadian Journal of History


"Without doubt the best history of the development of political ideas in the late Ottoman Empire. Hanioğluu situates this history of ideas in the context of the political and diplomatic history of the empire as well as in the history of European political thought, of which he demonstrates a deep knowledge."--Erik J. Zürcher, author of Turkey: A Modern History

"A significant contribution, not only to the historiography of the late Ottoman Empire but also to the field of comparative studies of empires."--Fikret Adanir, coeditor of The Ottomans and the Balkans

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File created: 4/21/2017

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