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Taxation in Colonial America
Alvin Rabushka

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"Makes an enormously significant contribution to scholarship on the British North American colonies. Every university with an active graduate program, plus all the major independent research centers, should add this jewel to their library holdings. Alvin Rabushka has produced an astonishing and overwhelming labor of love, and colonial historians will remain forever in the author's debt for his prodigious research on the various tax systems in the thirteen colonies from 1607 through 1775. . . . This handsomely produced volume could become the standard reference on colonial taxation for the next thousand years. Yes, that long."--Edward J. Perkins, Journal of American History

"The volume is one that scholars will find enduringly useful."--American Historical Review

"Written for the average layperson without a detailed knowledge of history or taxation, the book is certain to become a standard in the field."--Stephanie Towery, Law Library Journal

"Every scholar of colonial America should have this book on their shelf."--Farley Grubb, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

"Rabushka's work is encyclopedic in scope, thorough and fastidious in its mobilization of both tax-history scholarship and primary sources on colonial finance, and probing in its analysis of budgets and taxes. His mastery and crystal-clear explanations of previously baffling intricacies of colonial taxation means that his book is now the best starting point for anyone interested in the colonial foundations of American taxation."--W. Elliot Brownlee, Harvard Business History Review

"This massive compendium of colonial American tax data draws together disparate primary and secondary sources in an impressive feat of scholarship. It provides an encyclopedic account of taxation in all thirteen colonies from the onset of European colonization to the American Revolution."--Roger Hewett,


"A significant contribution. There is no other book like this one. It is a grand synthesis of mountains of previous work and colonial records. It pulls together a vast amount of scholarship of the past century or two, and in a convenient and accessible way. For anyone doing serious work on colonial taxation, it is the one book to have."--Richard Sylla, New York University

"Encyclopedic and definitive. I was deeply impressed by the wealth of detail quite unknown to me. This is the fruit of intensive and extensive scholarship."--Niall Ferguson, Harvard University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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