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The Persuadable Voter:
Wedge Issues in Presidential Campaigns
D. Sunshine Hillygus & Todd G. Shields

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"The Persuadable Voter should prove a cornerstone of contemporary scholarship about campaigns. The theory of wedge politics is compelling no matter how difficult it may be to encourage partisans to defect in today's polarized politics. Hillygus and Shields have established cross-pressures as a crucial factor that moderates the effects of campaigns, and their empirical findings constitute striking evidence of such effects. Finally, the book itself is a model for how to present statistical analysis clearly, to mingle social science with lively anecdotes, and to challenge lazy conventional wisdom in provocative ways. It deserves to be read by academics and political practitioners alike."--John Sides, Public Opinion Quarterly

"Buell and Sigelman provide a crucial foundation for future work, as it is rich description of the type presented in this book that allows scholars to derive more general hypotheses."--Yanna Krupnikov, Perspectives on Politics


"Hillygus and Shields cut through the increasingly stale debate about electoral polarization to show the real complexity of opinion. At the same time, they contest the false distinction between mobilization and persuasion. They do so with an innovative mix of research strategies."--Richard Johnston, University of Pennsylvania

"The Persuadable Voter is clearly written, accessible, and highly engaging. The themes examined are interesting, and the analysis of mass political behavior is solid. The book will find a wide audience among political science graduate and undergraduate students, and will be of interest to journalists and politicians."--Adam Berinsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Hillygus and Shields find more persuadable voters out there than I believed existed and the book's conception of cross-pressuring issues is compelling. This is a top-notch piece of research that will add significantly to our understanding of presidential campaigns."--Daron Shaw, University of Texas, Austin

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File created: 4/21/2017

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