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Getting Saved in America:
Taiwanese Immigration and Religious Experience
Carolyn Chen

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"Clearly and engagingly written, this book pays close attention to the details of language and life through which meaning emerges, but it also stays in constant conversation with the larger theoretical and conceptual questions at the heart of sociological inquiry. I strongly recommend it."--Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University

"Based on thorough, sensitive ethnography, this book explores the role of religion in helping Taiwanese immigrants adapt to American society and develop a new, American identity. It is distinguished by an unusually good ethnography--an especially close attention to the fine-grained realities of everyday life--and by its attempt to wrestle with large, classical questions about the comparative sociology of religion."--Richard Madsen, University of California, San Diego

"Once I picked up this book I could not put it down. It is full of fascinating stories, lucid descriptions, eloquent arguments, and penetrating analyses. Getting Saved in America is a significant contribution to the study of immigrant religion and the sociological understanding of American religion."--Fenggang Yang, Purdue University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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