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Does Peacekeeping Work?
Shaping Belligerents' Choices after Civil War
Virginia Page Fortna

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"Does Peacekeeping Work is readable, rigorous, and covers an important topic in the fields of international relations and conflict resolution. The text would be an excellent choice for graduate-level research methods classes to demonstrate the use of both qualitative and quantitative techniques in a problem-driven format; it also would work well in courses on international conflict management or international relations more broadly."--Maia Carter Hallward, International Journal on World Peace


"Virginia Page Fortna has written a compelling and courageous book--compelling in the reinforcing comparisons that it makes between aggregate data and case-based research, and courageous in its first-person interviews, conducted with those who perpetrated as well as ended civil wars. The book bridges the worlds of the high-flying 'quant' who sees only forests of data, and the ground-based case researcher knee-deep in political leaf litter. Drawing particular strength from the oft-ignored perspective of those on whose behalf peacekeepers do their work, Fortna's convergent analyses advance our understanding not only of how peacekeeping works but why."--William J. Durch, Henry L. Stimson Center

"Does Peacekeeping Work? is well crafted, tightly argued, intelligent, and thorough. Fortna makes her case for peacekeeping as a successful tool very well. Germane to the important issues, this book will be widely cited and widely employed."--Robert I. Rotberg, Harvard University

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File created: 4/17/2014

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