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Market Rebels:
How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovations
Hayagreeva Rao

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"The narrative of economic growth is always one of challenges to established interests, In this sense, Rao's book appears at just the right time, when questions about whether and how to bail out entrenched interests--carmakers, financial conglomerates--are persistent."--Carl Schramm, Stanford Social Innovation Review

"[Rao] does provide an insight that should be valuable for both economic and business historians. . . . [His] points . . . deserve to be taken seriously by economic historians as well as by sociologists."--Paul L. Robertson, Australian Economic History Review


"Market Rebels is the best book ever written about why new ideas do or don't spread throughout the marketplace. Rao provides a subtle, satisfying, and original interdisciplinary brew of concepts, and carries the reader along with compelling examples. He shows how a company's success depends on its ability to work effectively with groups that many leaders deem to be irrelevant or even destructive to their organizations. This accessible masterpiece will become a classic."--Robert I. Sutton, coauthor of Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense

"Rao's shrewd analysis of the role of social movements in energizing the growth of 'disruptive technologies' provides an 'Aha!' moment. Could his 'market rebels' lead the way out of the morass of conflicting and ill-thought-out reactions to our energy and environmental crises?"--Andrew Grove, former chairman of Intel

"Market Rebels is chock full of powerful insights--and powerful tools--for understanding and affecting markets. It's very useful for me today to understand my own projects, and will be increasingly useful in the hypernetworked environment of the Internet in the twenty-first century."--John Lilly, chief executive officer of Mozilla Corporation

"Market Rebels offers a new language and framework for viewing changes in market beliefs, behavior, and innovations. If you represent a company, industry, or activist group wanting to change beliefs and behavior, to promote or oppose a market innovation, read this book."--Philip Kotler, author of Kotler on Marketing: How to Create, Win, and Dominate Markets

"Market Rebels induces a conversation between the social-movement research and organization studies that will ignite decades of productive discussion and research in both fields. Drawing on a wide range of entertainingly relevant cases from the automobile to French cuisine, the author demonstrates the many ways social movements bump up against economics markets--sometimes building new markets, sometimes impeding their construction, and usually forcing crises that spur innovation above that promulgated by the market itself."--Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University

"This is an insightful and compelling book. Social movements are often seen as only representing marginalized actors, but as Rao shows, they are a much more encompassing phenomenon and are essential for understanding business, markets, and society more generally."--Christopher Marquis, Harvard Business School

"I truly enjoyed reading Market Rebels and I think others will too. I gained valuable understanding about the evolution of different industries, as well as how collective actions shape the evolution of the markets. I learned a lot from this book."--Boris Groysberg, Harvard Business School

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File created: 4/21/2017

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