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Under Crescent and Cross:
The Jews in the Middle Ages
Mark R. Cohen
With a new introduction and afterword by the author

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"The re-printing of this book with a new introduction and afterword by the author could not come at a better time. . . . Survivors of the Holocaust have left a long and detailed accounting of their suffering which has been added to the collective memory. Unfortunately, it would appear that this memory has transcended history, which is an excellent reason to read Mark Cohen's book lest we forget an essential part of the Jewish heritage."--Aimée Dassa Kligman, Sephardic Heritage Update

"Under Crescent and Cross . . . is a useful volume about an extremely sensitive issue."--Sheldon Kirshner, Canadian Jewish News

"This is a required text for anyone interested in the history of the lives of our ancestors in this region and in other regions during the medieval period, which is written in a readable way and does not demand of its readers prior historical knowledge."--Sasson Somekh, Haaretz

"This important work . . . should be of interest to all those interested in Jewish history. [Cohen's] brilliant and subtle analysis, though focused on the medieval period, provides lessons that are of vital importance today."--John E. Weakland, European Legacy

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File created: 4/21/2017

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