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Introduction to Modern Economic Growth
Daron Acemoglu

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"This book is impressive in both its breadth and its depth. It offers an ideal access point to the current frontier in growth theory; readers will find a remarkably thorough treatment of all the key models and technical tools of dynamic macroeconomics. At the same time, real-world economic and policy issues always remain in sharp focus, thanks to a constant back-and-forth between theory, the most recent empirical studies, and the lessons of economic history. It will quickly become a much-thumbed book on the shelf of all those interested in growth, development, and macroeconomics."--Roland J. M. Benabou, Princeton University

"This is much more than a textbook on growth theory; it is a milestone in macroeconomics. It provides a unified approach to the study of economic dynamics, including a rigorous yet teachable background in recursive methods and dynamic optimization, and an impressive range of macroeconomic topics. What is most fascinating is the tour of the state-of-the-art literature on long-run development to which the author has been a leading contributor."--Fabrizio Zilibotti, University of Zurich

"An extraordinary achievement by an extraordinary intellect, this book provides a remarkably comprehensive overview of modern growth economics as well as a window into Daron Acemoglu's fundamentally important perspectives and insights. For years to come, it will be a cornerstone for advanced teaching and an invaluable resource for researchers. It represents economics at its most profound."--Steven N. Durlauf, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"This book will be a landmark in growth economics. Its scope and depth are remarkable, and the benefits of this new synthesis are clear. Many of the chapters are likely to prompt ideas for further research, and the book will be a major event for researchers and graduate students alike."--Jonathan Temple, University of Bristol

"This is a pathbreaking, fundamentally important work."--Charles Jones, University of California, Berkeley

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File created: 4/21/2017

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