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From Economic Crisis to Reform:
IMF Programs in Latin America and Eastern Europe
Grigore Pop-Eleches

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"The author's focus on regional and temporal factors is buttressed by an impressive research design. . . . Pop-Eleches has written a book that will be insightful for those looking to understand the future evolution of developing-country economies."--Martin S. Edwards, Political Science Quarterly

"Grigore Pop-Eleches, a political scientist, has written a useful book on the interactions among the economic and political interests of the IMF and its interlocutor governments during initiation and implementation of programmes. . . . [From Economic Crisis to Reform] is really interesting and well written, and the empirical analysis is carefully implemented."--Sylvia Marchesi, Economic Record

"[From Economic Crisis to Reform] presents a tremendous amount of information and provides a number of interesting insights into the politics of IMF programs."--C. Kilby, Choice


"From Economic Crisis to Reform provides a rigorous and nuanced analysis of the international and domestic politics of IMF lending programs. Through quantitative analysis and careful case-study comparisons of Latin America and Eastern Europe, Grigore Pop-Eleches takes us well beyond oversimplified linear arguments about the effects of economic crises. His cross-regional and cross-time research shows convincingly that changes in the international context, and variations in the components of different crises strongly condition both IMF lending priorities and the impact of partisanship and democracy. This outstanding book substantially advances our general understanding of the international and domestic politics of economic reform."--Robert Kaufman, Rutgers University

"Straddling key issues of international and comparative political economy, and emphasizing partisanship, political competition, and bureaucratic capacity, this innovative book makes an essential contribution to understanding the politics of IMF-style economic reform in Latin America and Eastern Europe since the 1980s."--Ruth Berins Collier, University of California, Berkeley

"This is a significant and substantively rich book. Pop-Eleches combines quantitative and qualitative evidence to show that IMF lending reflects the priorities of its leading members, but that those priorities differed substantially between the Latin American cases in the 1980s and the post-Communist cases in the 1990s."--Randall W. Stone, University of Rochester

"From Economic Crisis to Reform constructs a theory on how the international and political environment affects IMF interventions in developing countries and tests this theory using a rich set of cases. This book provides an important contribution to the scholarship on the political economic of IMF interventions."--Nathan Jensen, Washington University

"Well-written and well-organized, this book demonstrates a rare capacity to not only deal with two regions, but also with two very different methodological approaches. It will be required reading for scholars in the field."--Miguel Centeno, Princeton University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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