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World Out of Balance:
International Relations and the Challenge of American Primacy
Stephen G. Brooks & William C. Wohlforth

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"A sophisticated and elegant challenge to the view that U.S. primacy is fast on the wane. By deftly backing up theoretical argument with historical example, Brooks and Wohlforth redefine debate about the durability of a unipolar world and the future of U.S. grand strategy."--Charles A. Kupchan, author of The End of the American Era

"Effectively organized and well-written, this timely book engages many of the important debates in international relations theory and American foreign policy in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way. Without question, this is a major contribution to the field."--David Baldwin, Princeton University

"This substantial book provides a full analysis of key questions facing the United States today: Does U.S. power--specifically unipolar or hegemonic power--bring large benefits? And does the U.S. position call for a limited or an ambitious foreign policy? The authors draw from a wide range of established arguments and add important arguments of their own, to provide clear and powerful answers."--Charles Glaser, University of Chicago

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File created: 4/17/2014

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