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Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent:
Faith and Power in the New Russia
John Garrard & Carol Garrard

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"This book combines empathy and detailed scholarship, shedding light on the intricacies of church-state relations in the new Russia."--Iannis Carras,

"[T]he book is a lively written impressionist report by engaged observers with an abundance of information."--Wil van den Bercken, Journal of Eastern Christian Studies

"[T]his is an engaging study of a fascinating subject that is essential to our understanding of the new Russia."--Ruth Coates, European Legacy

"The Garrards' monograph is an accessible survey of many aspects of Russian Orthodox history and culture and can serve as a valuable introduction to these topics."--Katja Richters, Journal of Contemporary History


"In this rewarding book, the Garrards humanize and deliver with great learning the epic story of the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church. They illuminate a lost experience by studying the church through the prism of its spectacular civic rebirth. The Garrards give a meticulously detailed account of the rise of Patriarch Aleksy and his successful use of the faith to implant the church and its teachings once again deep into the hearts of Russian people."--Richard Stites, Georgetown University

"This book contains much rich information, colorful detail, and valuable insights. The Garrards know the Russian background intimately. They are dedicated, scrupulous, and immensely hardworking scholars. It is worth reading this book for the footnotes alone."--Rodric Braithwaite, author of Moscow 1941

"A splendid book--scholarly, deeply researched but with the tone of a personal memoir, delivered in a riveting style, and original in its contribution to our reconstruction of Russia's transition out of Communism. The Garrards are marvelous storytellers. Their story will frighten some and reassure others--but either way, this is a book for our times."--Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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