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Plato's Ghost:
The Modernist Transformation of Mathematics
Jeremy Gray

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"In this book Jeremy Gray offers us the fruit of more than a decade reading and thinking about modernism in mathematics. He presents it, in very well written form, to a broad audience interested in mathematics, its history and philosophy."--Erhard Scholz, Metascience

"What we have here . . . is an excellent and detailed survey of how modernism took root in mathematics. Plato's Ghost provides the launching pad for future ruminations on the modernist thesis."--Calvin Jongsma, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

"I commend Gray for writing an extraordinarily detailed and fascinating history of modernist mathematics, whose philosophical fruits remain ripe for the picking. The sections on geometry shine with clarity and convey the drama of modernism in a compelling and page-turning way. The treatments of less-studied actors are fascinating and promise to be of much use in incorporating their work into ongoing scholarship. The book could be fruitfully used as a supplement to a variety of courses in philosophy, including philosophy of mathematics and logic, history of analytic philosophy, and philosophy of science. It is a monument of scholarship and will reward careful study."--Andrew Arana, Philosophia Mathematica

"In the course of this study Gray uncovers many new and unexpected things. . . . Gray's book offers a rich and . . . balanced account of how modernist ideas gradually gained inroads within pure mathematics."--David E. Rowe, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society


"In this impressive synthesis, Gray brings, in a largely nontechnical way, the technical development of mathematics from the 1880s to the 1930s into the broader historical analysis of the concept of modernity. His argument promises not only to challenge historians of mathematics but also, finally, to bring mathematics into wider discussions of cultural history."--Karen Hunger Parshall, author of James Joseph Sylvester: Jewish Mathematician in a Victorian World

"A major addition to scholarship in the history of mathematics and in the history of science in general. Gray throws light on a major cultural transformation of mathematics. The book is written for a large readership of historians of science, philosophers, and scientists. It will have repercussions in broader debates on scientific culture, and will remain a reference work for many years to come."--Moritz Epple, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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