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Elements, Materials, Form
Francesca Prina

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"Francesca Prina's handbook is intelligently written and beautifully illustrated. The book's thematic organization cuts across styles and historical periods. Mixing ancient and contemporary, western and non-western, it establishes thematic affiliations around the idea of architecture as the organization of space, the disposition of material, and the deployment of technology. The annotated photographs give the presentation a telegraphic immediacy. An indispensable teaching tool."--Stan Allen, Architect and Dean of the School of Architecture, Princeton University

"This elegant book stimulates the imagination. It is about experiencing architecture--space and procession, light and shadow, inside and outside. It is about making architecture--by designing, by crafting, by building. It is also about history, the evolution of our lives and environments."--Robert Geddes, fellow of the American Institute of Architects and dean emeritus of the School of Architecture, Princeton University

"An unexpectedly enchanting and highly original book. What brings it to life is the author's sensitivity to visual form. Again and again some simple architectural element is illustrated with an unexpected and delightful example, or facing pages juxtapose images of entirely different applications of an element, demonstrating the diversity and sheer creativity of architecture. The author's ability to illustrate how contemporary buildings evolved from older and simpler forms is especially appealing."--Christine Smith, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

"This densely illustrated, attractive, and useful introduction to the profession and history of architecture has no equivalent that I know of. The format is well suited to the subject and the wide range of examples is an asset."--Cammy Brothers, University of Virginia

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File created: 4/17/2014

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