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Pythagoras' Revenge:
A Mathematical Mystery
Arturo Sangalli

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"Pythagoras' Revenge: A Mathematical Mystery is more than just a novel. It is also an introduction to several big ideas in mathematics, from infinite series to unsolvable puzzles. . . . [T]his romp through ancient and modern mathematics is entertaining in patches, and certainly a cut above standard holiday reading. Despite occasional plot hiccups, its gripping story will likely hold readers to the end."--Physics World

"Initially Pythagoras' Revenge was intended to discuss the tyranny of numbers in modern societies in the same style as Sangalli's previous book. But, as if by magic, it became instead a work of fiction. . . . What remains after the end of this page-turner is Sangalli's impressive capacity to communicate mathematics. Let us take this book as a reminder to capitalize on the full potential of scientific storytelling."--Javier Fresán, Notices of the AMS

"This is an entertaining read, and although the plot is implausible at times it succeeds in conveying a variety of mathematical and philosophical ideas in a simple and light-hearted way. . . . Pythagoras' Revenge is a gripping novel that offers a refreshing way to learn about mathematics."--Sarah Shepherd, iSquared

"Human beings are story making animals, and this book shows that there is an opportunity to make use of this approach in the field. A fascinating attempt."--Brian Clegg, Popular Science

"Read this book if you like mathematics and spend some time ruminating over the larger philosophical questions that are implicit in modern math. Such questions go directly to the heart of modern scientific culture."--William Byers, European Legacy

"If you like conspiracy adventure, and can dismiss the shallow characters and clunky sub-plots, it's a fun read as you get the history, philosophy, and theories on randomness and math, and of a figure who famously said, 'All is Number.'"--Phil Semler, San Francisco Book Review


"A fascinating thriller that weaves together historical fiction, mathematical intrigue, and mighty philosophical clashes, all with Pythagoras' teachings as a backdrop. It will keep you riveted from the first page to the last."--Eli Maor, author of The Pythagorean Theorem

"A page turner! A serious work on the philosophy of mathematics disguised as a mystery novel that would make a terrific motion picture!"--Gregory Chaitin, author of Meta Math!: The Quest for Omega

"A well-written, immensely entertaining story. Sangalli weaves mathematical and philosophical concepts into a compelling modern-day adventure. His gift is the ability to explain those concepts and make them fun, through dialogue and other tools of the fiction writer. Pythagoras' Revenge is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery novel."--Mark Cohen, author of The Fractal Murders

"A fun read, this book is gripping, clever, and chock-full of accessible math and philosophy. I couldn't put it down."--Doron Zeilberger, Rutgers University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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