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A Necessary Engagement:
Reinventing America's Relations with the Muslim World
Emile Nakhleh

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"Nakhleh draws extensively on his government background in this slim, must-read volume, which combines cogent and balanced analysis with well-reasoned policy recommendations culminating in a useful 'blueprint' for US public diplomacy that offers some novel suggestions."--Mona Yacoubian, Middle East Journal

"In this slender volume, Nakhleh examines the relationship between the U.S. and the Muslim world, presents cogent criticisms of U.S. assumptions and policies, and extends sound advice on how to undo what has been done through mistake, ignorance, or arrogance. . . . The book is optimistic, succinct, and timely."--A. Ahmad, Choice

"[A]nyone reflecting on how the US policy towards the Muslim world should be developed would be well advised to read it."--Harold Walker, Journal of Islamic Studies


"A Necessary Engagement reflects a rare expertise in the intelligence community on political Islam and Muslim cultures. Emile Nakhleh has produced a thoughtful and sophisticated analysis on a subject that is more important today than ever. It is a must read for policymakers in a new administration that will need a road map to both understand and engage the Islamic world."--George J. Tenet, former CIA director

"This is an informed and sobering assessment of the past, present, and future of America's relations with the Muslim world. Emile Nakhleh provides an incisive analysis of the myths and reality of the Islamic challenge facing America and how American policymakers have understood and reacted to that challenge. All those interested in the future of America's relations with the Muslim world will do well to pay close attention to this timely and informative book."--Vali Nasr, author of The Shia Revival

"This book offers fascinating insights into how intelligence bureaucracies operate and how organizational habits of thought can be challenged and changed. Making a strong case for the links between political intelligence and public diplomacy, Nakhleh offers intelligence professionals, policymakers, scholars, and the general public what they need to know in order to understand the cultural and religious dimensions of international politics."--Dale F. Eickelman, author of The Middle East and Central Asia

"On the key foreign policy issue of U.S. relations with the Muslim world, Nakhleh's conclusions are levelheaded, to the point, and eminently reasonable. The author's wealth of experience and rich sources make this book an important contribution to the public debate."--Farhad Kazemi, New York University

"Nakhleh outlines a new and revitalized course for American public diplomacy among Muslims around the world. The importance and timeliness of the book's topic can hardly be exaggerated and A Necessary Engagement should be required reading for officials in the next administration."--Sohail Hashmi, Mount Holyoke College

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File created: 4/21/2017

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