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Rational Decisions
Ken Binmore

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"Strong on ideas and opinions but low on jargon, this is one of the most lively discussions of the strengths and limitations of the Bayesian approach to decision making that I have ever come across. Clearly and strongly argued, controversial, and a pleasure to read."--Riccardo Rebonato, author of The Plight of the Fortune Tellers

"Ken Binmore's new book on rational decisions is a superb up-to-date introduction to the now large and complex literature of this subject. The touch is light, but the examples and theorems are precise. The references are more than ample to lead the reader to more details on those parts of the subject that are of most interest. Although the author is an economist, the content will appeal to philosophers, psychologists, and statisticians as well."--Patrick Suppes, Stanford University

"Well-written, with many nice illustrative examples, this book contributes to the ongoing debate on whether the Bayesian method is the proper normative framework for making decisions and updating beliefs. The book is extremely impressive in its breadth of cited references: historical, mathematical, philosophical, and statistical."--Mark Machina, University of California, San Diego

"This book takes the reader from the very beginnings of decision theory through innovative new work, and it is written concisely and clearly enough to make the journey seem effortless. It will be essential reading for decision theorists and economists in general, whether new to the field or old hands."--Larry Samuelson, Yale University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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