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The Politics of Global Regulation
Edited by Walter Mattli & Ngaire Woods

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"As the world seems poised to recalibrate significantly the respective roles of markets and authority, The Politics of Global Regulation offers timely analytical and experiential guidance about what works, what doesn't, and why. Combining keen general observations with informative cases drawn from international finance, human rights, corporate social responsibility, maritime safety, and international trade, this excellent volume should be required reading for anyone interested in the subject--and these days, that excludes few among us."--John Gerard Ruggie, Harvard University

"This is an important book. The financial crisis that began in 2007/2008 is the worst since the 1930s and the failure of global regulation is all too apparent. Already ten years ago when the East Asian financial crisis erupted it was clear that better rules and institutions were required at the global level. Powerful vested interests on Wall Street and in the financial sector prevented reform--a classic case of regulatory capture. This book explains systematically the conditions that make global regulatory capture possible and demonstrates through a wide range of case studies how it might be averted."--Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize–winning economist

"As the world contemplates a new Bretton Woods system that will surely not look anything like the top-down U.S.-Britain system created after World War II, this excellent collection sheds important light on the demand for and supply of global regulation. The analytic framework Mattli and Woods lay out should give hope that the next epoch of global economic regulation will escape capture by self-interested financial institutions and further the common interest in stable and equitable economic growth and development."--Geoffrey Garrett, University of Sydney

"The editors have put together an outstanding set of contributors to tackle a critical and often under-explored feature of the global political economy--international regulation. This book is a needed theoretical contribution. I believe it will have wide appeal to those interested in international relations, international business, and global public policy more generally."--Abraham L. Newman, Georgetown University

"Mattli and Wood's volume is a timely collective examination of an important topic. Global regulation has received insufficient academic attention, because it is complex and doesn't sit easily with the traditional intellectual categories of international political economy. The essays collected in this book break ground in mapping out the new politics of regulation and helping us to understand how it is changing domestic and international economies."--Henry Farrell, George Washington University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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