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Mind and Nature:
Selected Writings on Philosophy, Mathematics, and Physics
Hermann Weyl
Edited and with an introduction by Peter Pesic

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"Pesic has collected here a selection of Weyl's writings that beautifully present the underlying synthesis of philosophy, mathematics and physics in his work, and in particular those that have remained unpublished, untranslated or that have simply fallen out if print. . . . One must be content with dipping into these essays and relishing their fecundity and insight."--Steven French, Metascience


"Hermann Weyl was not only a great mathematician who made a significant impact on physics, but he was also a thinker. He pondered at length on the philosophical implications of his work and he expressed himself with clarity and style both in his native German and subsequently in his adopted English. Bringing together all his general writing is an immense service to the English-reading public."--Sir Michael Atiyah, Fields Medalist

"Hermann Weyl ranks among the greatest mathematicians, and his deep contributions to physics were decades ahead of their time. But to know him only through his science is to miss the soul of a seeker. For Weyl, the experienced world in all its aspects was an inexhaustible source of wonder and inspiration. Here you can share in the life adventure of a beautiful mind."--Frank Wilczek, Nobel Prize--winning physicist

"For the first time, this marvelous book collects Hermann Weyl's most important and intriguing writings on the philosophy of physics and mathematics. These pieces shed light on aspects of his thought that are still only partially understood and that have not gained sufficient attention, especially in the English-speaking world, including his engagement with Heidegger, his exploration of the relations between mind and nature, and his attempt to create a kind of natural philosophy."--Norman Sieroka, ETH Zurich

"This is an important complement to Weyl's Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science because most of the pieces in this new collection were written later and demonstrate that his contribution to the philosophical reflection on mathematics goes far beyond his earlier work. These pieces were written over a period of thirty years in which much changed: not only the shape of mathematical physics but also Weyl's own understanding of the role of mathematics in physical science and of how to approach the problem of matter, as well as his metaphysical sympathies."--Erhard W. Scholz, University of Wuppertal, Germany

"A very worthwhile volume."--Harold Kuhn, author of Lectures on the Theory of Games

"Weyl's writings are well worth reading, over and over again. This is a very nice volume."--Robert Gunning, Princeton University

"A great volume."--David Ruelle, author of The Mathematician's Brain

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File created: 4/21/2017

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