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Heaven's Touch:
From Killer Stars to the Seeds of Life, How We Are Connected to the Universe
James B. Kaler

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"Read this book. You will find yourself listening and capturing information from the mind of someone who treats science as more of an ethereal topic; not as a bunch of formulas, but as a thing of beauty. Anyone can read Heaven's Touch, from the hardcore scientist to the newly-introduced amateur, and come out with a better understanding of the subject."--Francine Jackson, Planetarian

"Heaven's Touch is a stimulating, clarifying work of popular astronomy and cosmology."--Maui News

"Written in a style which reduces complex processes into manageable bites, yet containing numerous facts and figures, this book works well as good read and will also perform as a reference book, allowing the reader to dip in and out if a short explanation of a particular event is required. Overall this is a well written, eye opening account of how we are affected by Heaven's Touch."--Phil Brotherwood, FAS Newsletter

"Among the many things I like about Heaven's Touch is that, as scary as some of the cosmic scenarios Kaler depicts may seem, the book's goals . . . are to inspire and inform rather than intimidate. . . . I applaud Kaler's achievement and recommend his book to teachers of astronomy and to their students."--Naomi Pasachoff, Newsletter of IAU Commission 46 on Education and Development


"Jim Kaler, who has passionately and expertly described the stars and their vagaries, now brings the whole Universe--from the tides through hypernovae and gamma-ray bursts--to general readers. His writing is not only clear and straightforward but also correct and up to date, addressing both standard topics and the latest astronomical goodies."--Jay M. Pasachoff, Williams College

"Heaven's Touch examines the physical effects of gravity, radiation, solar storms, asteroid and comet impacts, cosmic rays, supernovae, and gamma-ray bursts on our home planet. Its conclusions are significant: our planet does not exist in isolation but rather is part of a complex planetary, stellar, and galactic system whose influences are profound. I found myself propelled along in the reading."--J. Michael Shull, University of Colorado at Boulder

"Heaven's Touch presents the diverse ways that astronomical objects affect the Earth and humans, beyond their visual appearance in the sky. Kaler is a senior astronomer with an excellent reputation as a researcher, educator, and author. There is a lot of good material here that has not featured in very many popular astronomy books."--Chris Impey, author of The Living Cosmos

"Heaven's Touch contains much of interest that should be informative and engaging to readers."--Donald Brownlee, coauthor of Rare Earth

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File created: 2/4/2015

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