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Terror in Chechnya:
Russia and the Tragedy of Civilians in War
Emma Gilligan

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Introduction [in PDF format]


"[T]he Chechen conflict, as a research subject, should be more frequently addressed to from the various perspectives. Gilligan's book is a solid pioneering piece of work in this direction."--Kiryl Kascian, Central European Journal of International and Security Studies

"Emma Gilligan's book is an invaluable guide to the tragic consequences for Chechnya--and Russia--of a twin dynamic that has dominated post-Soviet Russian politics: the use of violence to maintain the territorial dimensions of the state, and the resilience of authoritarian politics."--Simon Cosgrove, Europe-Asia Studies


"This book constitutes a major step forward in the study of war crimes and human rights violations during the second Russo-Chechen war. In Gilligan's view, the principal objective of the Russian leadership was the subjugation and punishment of the Chechen populace. Her book is unprecedented in scope. Henceforth, those interested in this subject will turn first to this volume as a treasure trove of information."--John B. Dunlop, author of Russia Confronts Chechnya

"This is an important study of the human rights disaster that befell the people of Chechnya in the wake of renewed warfare between Russian armed forces and the breakaway republic in 1999. Terror in Chechnya, is a valuable contribution to our understanding of a long-neglected human rights tragedy."--Matthew Evangelista, author of The Chechen Wars

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File created: 7/7/2015

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