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War at a Distance:
Romanticism and the Making of Modern Wartime
Mary A. Favret

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"Favret also manages the delicate task of reading the past in terms of our present without obliterating the former's distinctiveness. As erudite in the history and discourses of war as it is in the literature and culture of Romanticism, War at a Distance is an essential book in the field."--Ian Duncan, Studies in English Literature

War at a Distance moves with impressive sweep between wartimes past and present, from the Revolution and Napoleonic conflicts of two centuries ago to the first and second Gulf Wars. The book is a stirring and powerful meditation on what it means to live in a time of war. . . . Mary Favret's book teaches us to attend to the tumult that passes just out of reach of conscious apprehension; it attunes the reader to the sights and sounds of war passing beyond our ken. War at a Distance is a stunning achievement."--Noel Jackson, Wordsworth Circle

"[T]his is a brilliant and sophisticated book. It offers a wonderfully comprehensive and innovative study that builds not only upon Favret's own formative work on Romanticism and war, but also masterfully condenses and reorients the growing body of work in the field that has appeared over the last fifteen years."--Neil Ramsey, Studies in Romanticism

"One of the most significant contributions to the category of general Romanticism this year is Mary A. Favret's War at a Distance. [It] is a consistently insightful consideration of the connections between wartime and everyday life--how the pain and suffering of soldiers is experienced and processed by their family and friends, the people who are left behind."--Year's Work in English Studies


"This book is a masterpiece. Brilliant, brave, and beautifully written, it combines precision with lyricism. It will be required reading for scholars and students in Romantic studies, but its appeal will hardly be limited to them, since the topic is relevant to anyone interested in the nature and effects of war in our own time."--Kevis Goodman, University of California, Berkeley

"War at a Distance is an important, exquisite, and thoughtful consideration of the affective experiences of wartime. Favret helps us to reconsider the Romantic imagination as one haunted by the measurelessness of war's effects."--Celeste Langan, University of California, Berkeley

"Favret's vividly realized and impeccably argued analysis demonstrates that state-sponsored violence was not merely a political or military matter, but had profound consequences for how Romantic thinkers--many living far from the ground zeroes dotting the globe--imagined and conducted themselves, experienced time, and thought about the future. War at a Distance is not only a sobering reflection on what it means to live with oneself and with others amid military modernity, but also an irrepressible call for peace."--David Clark, McMaster University

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File created: 4/21/2017

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